Jesse Kamm was founded in Los Angeles, California in 2005, as a luxury, artisan label, by designer, Jesse Kamm.

Jessica Fern Kamm was born in Illinois, the daughter of a potter and ragtime guitar player. She had a tender childhood bathed in nature, art, and music. After graduation from university, Jesse moved to California and began a modeling career, where she traveled the world, saw many of beautiful things, and many ugly things. These years instilled in Jesse a love for finely made clothing, photography, history, and truth. Upon her departure from that adventure, she began printing her own textiles and creating her own pieces. The collection was a response to a demand for her one-of-a-kind tunics, dresses, and capes.

The line consists of minimal design, clean lines, and classic shapes. The pieces are not of a trend, and will remain in your closet as favorites for years to come. Each collection is created from beautiful silks and natural fibers, with craftsmanship always in mind. Each piece of Jesse Kamm is designed and crafted right here in California. The brand sells at exclusive boutiques across North America, Europe and Asia.

Jesse Kamm is committed to sustainability, and every possible effort is made to reduce our environmental impact. 60-70% of the fabrics used in the production of the line are dead stock and remnants. Of our in house remnants, approximately 50% are recycled and repurposed into other products. Our textiles are hand printed using non-toxic inks. The company car is powered by 100% recycled vegetable oil. Jesse is also the cofounder of Punta Carenero, an off-the-grid, sustainable community located in Bocas del Toro, Panama

Jesse lives in the Mt. Washington neighborhood of Los Angeles, California with her husband, Luke, and her grubby baby boy Julien. They spend part of their time surfing in Panama.